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Local, Sustainable, Fair-Trade: 3 ‘Eco-Friendly’ Advantages That Set EZ Glider all-natural Anti-Microbial 3 in 1 Unisex Socks Above Rest

February 07, 2020

When a product that advertises itself as ‘eco-friendly,’ what exactly does it mean?

The good folks here at Maine-Lee Technology Group (Maine-Lee) created its brand (s) the EZ Glider all-natural anti-microbial unisex socks and we don’t dare speak for other products, but eco-friendly, to us, means a variety of things and not limited to: A healthy workplace with U.S. labor guidelines, a quality product that is environmentally friendly, and one that meets the demands of its owner.

The story behind our socks (and also our Fresh Rest bedding) begins with high standards.

1. Manufacturing standards and fair trade 
EZ Glider all-natural anti-microbial socks are designed and engineered in Maine, currently manufactured in Asia, but made for the U.S. That means our plants in Asia follow U.S. workplace and manufacturing standards. That includes employees who:

  • Work 8-10 hours per day, five days a week
  • Are paid competitive wages with good health benefits
  • Receive allotted number of sick/personal days and vacation
  • Operate in a safe workspace

In other words, our Asia partners and their employees work in the proper conditions and do not employ any child or prison labor. In the future, the Maine-Lee Technology Group plans on manufacturing its products here in Maine.

2. A sustainable, environmentally friendly product 
Behind EZ Glider’s advanced multi-fiber technology, is its all-natural anti-microbial socks can be worn repeatedly without having to be washed. This means less chemicals and detergent; less electricity and less water; and plenty of use.

3. Biodegradable, landfill-friendly 
When designing EZ Glider compression socks, Founder Dr. Lee Thibodeau chose a combination of natural and man-made fibers that contour perfectly to every foot. At the end of use and years later the EZ Glider socks can simply be thrown away, where they will eventually safely disintegrate in any landfill.

EZ Glider all-natural anti-microbial socks: Be good to your feet

EZ Glider all - natural anti-microbial socks are made for women and men who spend the majority of the day on their feet. With four different sizes and eight vibrant colors and designs, our compression and non-compression socks are ideal for those who spend their work/play lives on the go, from medical personnel and first responders to athletes, adventurers, frequent travelers, as well as those with minor circulation issues.

For more information on the MaineLee Technology Group, visit us today at https://www.mltgllc.com.


How to put on your EZ Glider Socks