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Maine-Lee Technology Group, LLC Launches “Affiliate Program” for Innovative Products Lines

November 26, 2019

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Wells, ME - November 26, 2019 -- The Maine- Lee Technology Group (https://www.mltgllc.com) launched an affiliate program today to provide revenue generating opportunities for retailers and businesses that want to generate additional online income without any upfront capital expenditures while driving revenues to your bottom line. MaineLee Technology Group’s product line includes the EZ Glider Socks and Fresh Rest Bedding.

MLTG SR VP Bill Kimball says, “More than 9,100 stores are closing in 2019 & 2020 as a result of the retail apocalypse. Our Affiliate program will contribute to the individual retailers the ability to expand on brands and styles without any further capital expenses.

Affiliates will be assigned a unique code after signing up for the MLTG program. Affiliates will then be able to place the product links on their website and monitor real time transactions. Once the customer selects a brand, the order will be completed via the secure MLTG’s Shopify platform. All customers will remain with the affiliate’s data base. The affiliate will not have to carry any inventory on location. MLTG will fulfill each order from South Portland, Maine. Settlements will be made to the affiliate within the first week of the following month for the previous month's transactions.

Maine-Lee Technology Group’s focus on creating textiles that provide maximum performance while showing minimal wear makes their products suitable for use in some of the most demanding market sectors, including outdoor, medical, professional, and military. MLTG’s product line includes EZ Glider Socks (www.ezglidersocks.com) and Fresh Rest Bedding (www.freshrestbedding.com). These products were created by Neurosurgeon, Dr. Lee Thibodeau, as an answer to the need for textiles that contain all-natural components critical to consumers who are seeking products that can help sustain both personal and environmental health.

To learn more Maine-Lee Technology Group, please visit https://www.mltgllc.com/. Anyone with or without any sales experience interested in earning extra income as a “brand ambassador” please contact Bill Kimball at bk@mltgllc.com.


MLTG’s advanced textile technology is matched by the decades of industry experience that grants us unparalleled insight into apparel production and design. Our founder’s status as a multi-patented neurosurgeon has set the standard for the rigorous product research and testing that is the hallmark of our work. We “honor our relationships with the all partners” who share the values that inspire our mission. That goal is to provide products of peerless performance at a quality and value beyond compare.

MLTG was created to engineer our patent-pending products from a fiber-level knowledge of the chemical, non-chemical composition and physical properties of the threads its products are woven from and the way those filaments are fabricated for optimum performance. The company’s advanced “organic” antimicrobial textiles concepts are created, engineered and designed here in Maine. Our Advanced Multidimensional Fiber focus on each fiber’s composition, placement, and custom weave. That holistic approach to the selection, synthesis, and structure of every textile element has led to the proprietary products and practices that are redefining industry standards for performance and wear. For more information on MLTG brands and technology, please visit: https://www.mltgllc.com.

Bill Kimball
SR VP Operations
Office: 207-360-0194
Email: bk@mltgllc.co


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