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The best outdoor socks on the market: Why EZ Glider all-natural, anti-microbial socks are ideal for every outdoor activity

February 13, 2020

Quick…what are the challenges of being an outdoor sportsman — whether it be downhill or cross-country skiing, fly fishing or ice fishing, hiking or mountain biking — particularly in New England?

  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Unrestricted, free movement
  • Prolonged dryness via our superior moisture wicking
  • Odor reduction, while combating bacteria naturally (no chemicals or naos / metals) 

Half the battle in enjoying the outdoors is maintaining all of the above, particularly in a sportsman or sportswoman’s extremities. Proper apparel is a must, particularly, the best outdoor socks

The very idea for a multi-functional sock came to Dr. Lee Thibodeau, founder of the EZ Glider all-natural, anti-microbial socks, while wrestling his foot into a suffocating ski boot. Other than a thick wool sock that dampens and causes blisters with activity, there had to be an alternative footwear that made it easy to slip into and out of a ski boot while keeping feet warm and dry all day. 

Thus, Dr. Thibodeau, a neurosurgeon when not downhill skiing, created the best outdoor socks that encompass the needs of those at work or play in the most demanding of outdoor activities. 

  • Warmth: EZ Glider socks may be thin, but through a combination of different yarns, maintain warmth for the wearer, particularly in the colder months.
  • Dryness: EZ Glider socks attract moisture from the foot through its voided yarn technology, thus avoiding common effects such as blisters and odor.
  • Unimpeded movement:With its ultra-thin weaves, EZ Glider socks are fit and perform to the athlete’s liking — without restricting movement.
  • Comfort: Through technology enabling warmth, dryness and flexibility (https://www.ezglidersocks.com/pages/technology), all of the above lends to the creation of the best outdoor socks for women and men who thrive outdoors. The EZ Glider sock contours perfectly and equally to every foot for guaranteed comfort. 

Order the best outdoor socks online today

EZ Glider socks can be purchased online at EZGliderSocks.com for as little as $10.99, which includes an array of sizes, colors and guaranteed comfort. 

Visitors are also encouraged to check out our sister company, Fresh Rest Bedding (https://www.freshrestbedding.com), for the latest in all-natural, anti-microbial bed sheets, which ward off and combat 99 percent of dust mites and dander naturally.


How to put on your EZ Glider Socks