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The Industries Perfect for EZ Glider® Antimicrobial Eco-Friendly Socks

March 09, 2020

We’ve blogged ad nauseam about how EZ Glider all-natural antimicrobial, eco-friendly socks are ideal for athletes of all sports and activities— skiing, hockey, soccer, distance running and hiking (we could go on) — those activities where the feet typically take a beating. 

Our socks aren’t just for athletes. 

We also recommend our all-natural socks for those industries which have people constantly mobile, on their feet, moving from place to place. In our opinion, there are certain lines of work that perhaps can be as demanding as the sports and activities we mentioned. 

The benefits of EZ Glider® eco-friendly socks

What EZ Glider® with all-natural antimicrobial eco-friendly socks do is keep feet happy and healthy through several features: 

  • Moisture-wicking: EZ Glider® socks draw and absorb sweat from the skin, significantly lessening the chances of bacteria, blisters and odor.
  • Circulation:For workers in industries that require long shifts, blood circulation is critical. EZ Glider® socks fit to the contour of every foot, ensuring circulation is consistent.
  • Warmth:The result of healthy blood circulation is warm, comfortable feet. 

EZ Glider® eco-friendly socks are ideal for these industries 

Medical: Let’s consider all those in the medical field: physicians, surgeons, nurses and nurse practitioners, always mobile, moving from room to room in any hospital or medical center, covering 12- and 24-hour shifts. 

First Responders: Firefighters, EMS workers and police often face double shifts and certain situations which have them on their feet battling fires, tending to accidents and combustible situations. 

Military: Extensive security missions, canvassing rough terrain, hours upon hours of detail which requires alert soldiers. EZ Glider eco-friendly socks are made for such situations. 

Truthfully…any industry

Let’s consider any industry where a person is consistently on the go, on their feet, in motion and in need of circulation and comfort.

  • Waitstaff at a restaurant: Eight-plus hours of coming and going from kitchen to table.
  • Pilots/flight attendants:Particularly in long flights, EZ Glider® all-natural, anti-microbial socks solve to issues: Sitting for long periods of time in an aircraft can cause blood clots. Conversely, flight attendants need comfort during and after long flights in which they are constantly walking up and down the aisle.
  • Traveling salespeople: Salesmen and women constantly on the go, visiting clients, returning to the home office.
  • Over the Road Truck Drivers, Commercial Bus drivers, Limousines, Executive Car Service, Lyft, Uber, or any long-distance drivers. 

EZ Glider® all-natural antimicrobial unisex 3 in 1 socks start at just $9.99 and come in five sizes and colors. Visit our online store to see which pairs would work for your workday. 

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