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A Fresh Idea for a Better Sock
Born on a Maine Farm

Dr. Lee Thibodeau grew up in northern Maine. He loved the outdoor life, and was a competitive ski racer in high school.  Lee also loved science, and so he pursued his dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Today, Lee has a thriving practice at Mercy Hospital. Throughout his career, Lee has also been an inventor. To date, he has several patents for spinal implants.  Employing science to solve problems  is Lee’s passion. It is the  reason he became a surgeon.

Lee decided to tackle an issue that he had often thought about over the years: Socks.  Although socks play a huge role in our comfort level every day,  there was certainly room for major improvements in their design and technology. Lee wanted to create a multi-functional sock that would make life easier.  He wanted a virtually friction-less sock. One with antimicrobials, to reduce odor. Material that wicks away moisture.  A sock that was light, warm and extremely durable.  A product that was chemical-free. He knew the key to this new sock would lie within the fibers of the material. Using the same rigorous standards of research and analysis that led to his medical product patents, Lee created a proprietary blend of materials to create a versatile and beneficial fiber.  The process was patented. Lee then combined the technological advantages of the manufactured textile with innovative design features to create the EZ Glider.

During the process, Lee realized that this new fiber could be used in numerous applications.  As a result, he created  Maine-Lee Technology Group, a company that makes textile products based on this extraordinary fiber.  The EZ Glider is the company’s first product.

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