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A Fresh Idea for a Better Sock
Born on a Maine Farm

Lee Thibodeau grew up in northern Maine with a farm boy’s knack for practical problem-solving. He came by that talent honestly, with a mother who showed him the simple solution that would end his struggles to remove his damp knee-high boots at the end of each day. The ingenious woman showed young Lee how to place two long plastic bread bags over each sock to slip in and out of his boots with ease.

Years later as a ski racer, Lee was confronted by the same challenge every time he wrestled in and out of his tight ski boots. That problem was born anew when he faced the same issue with his impatient young children. Solving this dilemma led Lee to his patent for a low-friction sock that allows users to easily put on and take off high-performance footwear like ski boots.

As a practicing neurosurgeon, Lee also understood the demand for socks that could aid people whose jobs required prolonged periods of standing and walking. To meet their needs, he developed compression sock prototypes to support the feet of his operating room staff. Thus began the cycle of field-testing and refinement that would become the standard for product development Lee would adopt as founding member of Maine-Lee Technology Group (MLTG).

In MLTG, Lee found the partners who could help him perfect his ideas for the complete re-engineering of sock design. The EZ Glider® Sock is the result of that effort. It combines the latest designs in fiber composition and apparel construction to create an easy-on sock that can keep active feet dry, clean, and fresh—all day long.

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